Are you looking to sell your railway memorabilia collection, including railway photos, railway slides and railway negatives, or models?

Whether the need to sell railway memorabilia is to free up some funds, clear some space, or you’re selling on behalf of a loved one, we can help you easily sell your railwayana to the right people for the right prices, thanks to our extensive list of contacts and online railwayana auction service.

What you need to do

Justaclickago are experts in Railway Slides, Railway Negatives, Railway Photographs, Cine Film, General Railwayana & Collectables and our reputation and track record for discretion and high quality service is second to none.

As a specialist in railway photos and other railway memorabilia, our large list of targeted buyers increases the chance of them discovering, buying and selling your collection in no time at all.

  1. Simply fill out an enquiry form / call or email us regarding getting a listing and a member of the team will follow-up within 24 hours.
  2. Your item can be picked up or you can post it to us.
  3. Your items are collated, sorted into lots, put in the catalogue for the next auction and stored until this date.
  4. You will be kept informed as to whether your item has sold.
  5. Money is collected from the buyer and sent on to the vendor – minus commission.

If for some unusual reason, your lot didn’t sell, we will contact you and ask what you want to do and can relist it at the next auction, put it in with another lot, keep it, or donate it, depending on which option you choose.

The stress free way to make the best sale

When you’re looking to sell railway memorabilia, our experts can help you reap the following benefits:

  • Sell your railway memorabilia at a railwayana auction from the comfort of your own home.
  • Collect auction items from you, saving you time and money, while effortlessly getting you your storage space back.
  • Sort the lots so it saves you time and money doing it yourself, which again means less stress to deal with.
  • Get as good a price as possible for your collections.
  • Get paid quickly and have money in your bank within 14 days of receiving payment for your item.
  • Benefit from a seamless transaction and experience throughout.

When you sell your railway memorabilia at a Justaclickago you will be made fully aware of exactly what fees are deducted and how much you’re going to get for your collection.

Complete transparency on fees and commission means no nasty surprises waiting after the sale and no hidden charges for entry and commission. You can also expect prompt payment within 14 days of your sale for you to spend as you wish, without wait.

Damage to slides/photos can occur over time if they’re not actively stored well. Justaclickago will take great care of your railway memorabilia, but on the very rare chance that something does happen, we are fully insured in case of damages.

What happens if I don’t use Justaclickago to sell my railway memorabilia?

If you aren’t an expert in railway photos, railway slides and negatives, models and other railway memorabilia, but this is what you are hoping to sell, then there’s every chance that you may not maximise the value of your collection/items.

By not making use of our collection service and online railwayana auction, you would also have to deliver your collection to an auction house and have to invest more of your time in the sale.

You will also have that storage space locked up with your collection, whereas we can collect and store it until the auction, freeing up that space sooner.

At Justaclickago, we have an established track record as being a reputable auction house that can be trusted to provide discretion, insurance of your products, the best buyer contacts, fast payment upon sale and total transparency throughout the process.

Get in touch with a member of the Justaclickago team today to discuss your railway memorabilia items for sale and see how we can quickly and easily find the solution you need.